How to Choose the Right Company for Your Event Decor!

Welcome to our first blog post! We are excited to start this new venture with you. We hope to inspire and create personalized decor ideas for your wedding, engagement, celebration or any event that is important to you!

RAOFACTOR is an event design firm focusing on creating a concept and turning it into reality. For any occasion we add personalized touches that are unforgettable and special to your heart! Our website features elegant floral artistry created by Shaun Rao, creative director of RAOFACTOR.

Commonly when planning an event, we often consider why can’t I have one person do it all?

Trust us, we get it. One company sounds great as it is one person to contact. But when all services are provided through one source, how do you know you are getting the best you deserve?! Those glamorous events that you see in any high end events do not occur with one mastermind, but a group of creative people that create a vision JUST FOR YOU.

When you are thinking about decor, there are two avenues to choose from:

1) Event Designer:

A designer is someone who creates the overall vision of your event. They do not run the logistics, but they make sure the decor resembles your style. They come up with their own designs and make them unique for each event. If you are unsure where to start, a design consultation is perfect for you.

At RaoFactor, your consultation consists of insights into your vision, floor design, and decor. As a designer, we source product from our inventory and local vendors to make an event that reflects your soul.

2) Event Decorator or Decor Company (also known as Rental Company):

A decorator is a company that holds the product that you need to create an event. It is the client’s responsibility to come up with a theme and design. The main focus on a decor company is to rent out their equipment and focuses on renting in volumes.

Whether you choose a designer or decorator is up to you. RAOFACTOR is a fusion of both worlds. We have inventory to use, but if not available, we will always make sure we provide exactly what you need by employing local vendors.

We hope this answers your question! We love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below or email us at!


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