5 Simple Steps to Create a Bouquet at Home!

Who doesn’t love receiving bouquets?! A bouquet can turn an ordinary dinner party to a thoughtful event by adding vibrant color and beauty to any occasion. Being around flowers create a zen-like presence that never gets old!

Check out our video below on how to create a Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Bouquets are universal gifts that you can celebrate for any occasion. From house warming parties to high end events, bouquets are an easy and elegant way to showcase your style. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, creating a bouquet is a fun activity that you can do on your own or with your friends. Whether you are celebrating with a loved one or enjoy having flowers on display, we listed the essential items you need to build a classic bouquet.

5 things you need to consider to make a bouquet:

1. Vase: Tall or Short? Narrow or wide? Square or Circular?

The type of vase depends on the location of the bouquet. If it is at the dinner table, a vase that is towering is not ideal. Think about how many flowers you want to use. If you want a delicate look with one or two flowers, a narrow necked vase is a good choice. In our video, we used a shorter vase that had a wide opening. This allowed us to create a bouquet with a full natural look and can be placed as a table centerpiece.

2. Greenery

Greenery (ie. eucalyptus, ferns, ruscus) adds character to any bouquet. It provides a nature-like element and also acts as a filler. A filler not only adds depth to your bouquet, but also helps maintain its shape. For our Valentines bouquet, we used Italian ruscus to create a lush look that brightens up the red roses.

3. Flowers

Ideally you want to choose 3 to 5 different flowers in your bouquet. The flowers need to complement each other yet create a visual contrast. Place the flowers in a bucket full of water for an hour prior to manipulation. This helps the flower bloom at the right time. If your event is a week away, you want the flowers to be in a bud form.

4. Contrast

To create a bouquet appealing to the eye you want to add variations in height and texture. This creates a new dimension to your floral bouquet other than simply placing florals in a vase. Utilizing florals such as pepperberry, bromeliad, and snap dragon add depth to the bouquet.

5. Other Items to Consider

  • Floral Foam

  • Floral foam retains water and maintains the shape of the bouquet. You can find it at stores like Michaels or any local floral shop.

  • Garden Shears

  • Use a set of floral shears to help cut the appropriate lengths for your flowers. Prior to placing the flowers into the vase, you want to cut the stems accordingly to the depth of the vase.

Creating a bouquet is a fun, creative DIY project! It is a great way to add that extra pop of color to any home or office.

Let us know what you think of this post! Send us your own floral bouquet design and we would love to post it!

If you love floral designs and need help with event decor, contact us at info@raofactor.com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat @RAOFACTOR.


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