Wedding Day Essentials

If your wedding day is right around the corner, it is important to consider what you will need in a pinch. We have come up with a list of essentials to make your special day stress-free. If you have a portable make up bag, this is a great way to carry anything you need on the fly. Have your a trusted guest or bridesmaid keep the bag around, so they can provide anything on the spot.


Keep that fresh, dewy look all day with these essentials.

Blotting Paper​​

Face Mist


Q Tips

Facial Tissue Paper

Keep It Together:

Sometimes the unexpected happens, these classic are the perfect savior.

Safety Pins

Bobby Pins


Tide Smudge Stick


To be your best self having some daily staples is the best way to stay present in your event.





Hand Lotion

Granola Bar

There are several prepackaged emergency bridal kits that you can order online or buy in store! We think making a customizable kit is the best for any bride and her bridal party. Separating the items you need by category is an easy way to organize your thought process.

We would love to hear your ideas and comments. Let us know if there any additional items you would add to this list!

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