Behind the Scenes: How To Best Use Your Wedding Designer!

Venue: Lakeway Resort and Spa

Location: Austin, TX

Decor: RAOFACTOR Design House

Photographer: Azulox Visuals

We are going back to a throwback wedding we loved last year. This wedding was memorable for us at RAOFACTOR because our clients allowed us to go with our creative flow. Before designing the wedding, we went through the client's budget and color palette. After that Shaun, our Creative Director outlined each item and vision for the event. The couple sat down with us, and we discussed which designs they approved or needed to modified.

This wedding theme was all about the floral patterns. Floral runners, decorative ceiling treatments, and floral centerpieces were the name of the game. The venue had so much lighting that it embraced our breezy and elegant decor. If you are unsure how you want your event to look, hiring a wedding designer and unleashing their creativity can help make your events seem so magical. ​​

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