Ceiling Treatments

You know those gorgeous floral displays hanging from the ceilings? Those large pieces that make your jaw drop. They make you wonder how do you get these displays up on the ceiling. And honestly, you wonder how much did a client pay for such a grand item?

While ceiling displays may stretch your decor budget, this post talks about the versatility and the reasons why a ceiling treatment is a MUST in any event. They go hand in hand with a statement piece that you can use within your venue. (Check out the blog on statement pieces). They make an event standout and memorable for any guest. It is a fantastic memory that your photographer can capture and it is a visually artistic appealing piece.

Ceiling pieces can are incredibly versatile for multiple events. They can move to different locations within the venue. The theme consistent and the decor on point. For South Asian weddings, the same ceiling treatment can be used over the mandap and then transferred to the dance floor for the reception.

Typically, when we think ceiling treatments a floral design is the first thing that pops into your head. While the majority are floral, there are many other types of ceiling treatments that are utilized. LED chandeliers create a “starry” night theme. If you want an earthy feel, terrariums hanging from the ceiling produce a beautiful, relaxing vibe. You can have mini ceiling treatments over each table. These pieces up the decor game to another level.

If you are uncertain for your showstopper piece, ceiling treatments are the answer. They are vibrant, full of life and make your event extra special. From pure linens to floral gardens, ceiling treatments will give you the flexibility and design you desire without breaking the bank.

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