How to Create a Lit Dance Floor: DJ Perspective

Today our blog post is with Chani, from Desi Junction DJs. For part 2 of this series, we wanted to understand how to create a lit dance floor from a DJ's perspective. I have a lot of respect for DJ's. They must create a non-stop jam-packed playlist that appeals to their guests. It is kind of like a gamble figuring what song should come next. So I wanted to know how clients can have the best experience for any event.

1. What does a client need to let you know before their event?

A conversation regarding music and the client's likes and dislikes needs to happen beforehand. If the client provides a few songs they love, this is enough to understand their style and music preferences. An experienced DJ does not need an exact playlist but should be able to feed off the energy and read the crowd to keep a party going.

2. How do you choose the right DJ for an event?

It is always best to hear a DJ perform. This way you see them live and know their style. It is best to ask family or friends who have used a DJ in the past that way there is more of a comfort level. Also, it is good to ask how much experience a DJ has for individual events.

3. Are there any special effects to hype up the crowd?

At Desi Junction DJs we have a variety of different effects that can excite the crowd. Some of our special effects are indoor sparklers for a first dance or entrance, a LED Wall for visuals, and blast of CO2 for the open dance floor. Most receptions do have specific themes, so keeping that in mind we can customize what will work for your event.

4. Is there any particular equipment a DJ should have to create a successful event?

Absolutely! Sound and lighting is a major priority for any event. Making sure that the music is projected crisply and clearly throughout the entire venue for all guest to hear makes all the difference for speeches and performances as well. It is essential to make sure your DJ keeps up with the latest technology in sound and light. At Desi Junction DJs, we also have an on-sight certified sound and lighting engineer at every event.

5. What is your reccomendation for a successful event?

I recommend keeping a program short and to the point. An extended program with multiple speeches and performances can make the crowd restless. I also would suggest that the bride and groom stay on the dance floor after the party starts. The couple will leave to take pictures, but they need to keep in mind that everyone is here to party with them.

6. Do you have any other recommendations?

I recommend that couples do not wait to book their DJ. Dates fill up faster than people think. Also, it is good to know the company that a DJ works for, so they have all your needs ready for your event.

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