Statement Pieces

We are not talking about jewelry….today’s statement pieces are referring to that eye-catching structure that wraps up your theme for your event. The goal for any event designer is to make sure an idea comes across to all guests.

Statement pieces vary on location. Today, we break it down to the entrance, welcome table and inside your venue.


The goal of your entry is to create excitement for what is to come inside. You want your guests to enjoy the breathtaking views, but also have a curiosity about the actual event. For our South Asian clients, we love using grand entrance pieces like peacocks or elephants. The peacocks are dressed with flowers and sit about 16 feet tall. They bring a vibe of excitement before entering a party.

Welcome Table:

Lanterns, candles or a more substantial flower vase is a great way to have a welcoming presence. Your table can also represent the theme of local area you are hosting your party. I love looking out for welcome tables because they have a personal touch of the client, but also is eye-catching with a stunning display.

The Venue:

If you are on a budget, investing on a gorgeous piece inside the venue brings the theme of the event together. It is an excellent substitution for a photo booth. Your guests can take pictures, and it can be the representation of your entire event. Statement pieces within a venue can be a ceiling treatment (check out post) or stand-alone floral display.

Statement pieces are those “stand-out” pieces that tie in events together. Your wedding designer can help decide what prop or display will give you the most bang for your buck. As always with love, we hope you enjoy this post!

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