The Decor Aspect Of Any Food Buffet Display: Part One

This blog is a two-part series focusing on the decor and functional aspects of a buffet table. Food is the main attraction at all events. Typically, guests like to talk about the food after any event. As a child, my parents discussed every food item at any party. While food may not be a huge priority for every person, creating a thoughtful food display makes any entree more appealing.

Part one will focus on the decor, and next month we will discuss the functional aspect of a food display.

The High-Low Display:

High-Low displays make your food more visually appealing. People can scan and look at all the items in one shot. The worst experience in a buffet line is not knowing what dish is coming up next. Your plate is then covered with other foods before you can eat what you like! I think the platters do not need to be placed in any particular order. My only recommendation is if foods placed in cups put them in the back, so they don’t get knocked over.

Table Runner/Linens:

Table runners create the intention of your display. If you are going for a spring theme, bright colors exhibit the pop of color you need. Your table runner does not have to be linen. It can be a chalkboard or tile surface that lays along your beautiful table.

Unique Cutlery Displays:

There are so many inexpensive ways to display your cutlery. Individually wrapped fork, spoons, and knives make it an easy grab as well as a fun touch. You can place your cutlery in unique displays as well. For example, going back to your spring theme, putting your cutlery in a plant pot is a cute and fun way to embrace your creativity.


Letting your guests know what you are serving is always a plus. Especially anyone with food restrictions. Utilizing a chalkboard table runner is an innovative way to specify all your foods.

The Stand:

The actual structure is a great way to change up your food display look. Find a single ladder or an Indian street cart to present your easy to grab food. Your stand can reflect the type of cuisine or the local surroundings in your area.

Decor can be a massive addition to any buffet table. I hope the next time you host a party you use some of these ideas! Let us know what you think at

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