How to Create A "Lit" Dance Floor: Wedding Designer

Today, I wanted to know what a wedding designer looks out for an incredible dance floor. I wanted to know how do you make the dance floor your centerpiece design, but also packed all night once the DJ starts playing. How does decor play into making a hyped-up dance floor?

Three parts make a dance floor visually appealing, spacious and have a club-like appearance. I love lists, so I broke this down so it easy to understand.

A Stage Behind the Dance Floor

A raised platform or stage behind the dance floor helps break up the monotony of a single floor plan and also highlights the couple. The stage highlights the couple, but it can also be converted to a dance floor later in the evening. You can think of it as the “exclusive” Vegas lounge where close family and friends can dance up on stage with you.

High Impact Pieces on the Stage

I mention high impact a lot in many of our blog posts, but there is a reason why. High Impact or eye-catching pieces not only stand out but help fill in the room. They do not make the space feel crowded but also add a unique element. Using high-impact props on stage is essential. You do not want to have too much clutter on the dance floor, and there will be space to move around.

Place the Bar between the Stage and Dance Floor

There are two reasons to have a bar between the stage and dance floor. The first reason is safety. If people want to dance on stage, the bar creates a barrier. People cannot accidentally knock down focal props or worse fall as they are trying to climb up on stage. Guests are forced to walk around and use the stairs to walk on to the platform.

Secondly (and this my favorite reason) is that guests never have to leave the dance floor. You have the Vegas-night life experience at your wedding. People can dance the night away without ever feeling like they are walking away from the party!

LED is a MUST.

Make sure you DJ has lights all around. When people walk in, a transformation should happen. The DJ booth and bar can be covered with LED decor too which sets the vibe for the whole night. Bring on glow in the dark necklaces and rods to create an interactive dance floor. Anything helps!

I hope you enjoyed this series on How to Create a Lit Dance Floor. If you missed out on the past two articles, you can check it out here. Thank you for Nirali Shah Events and Desi Juncitons DJs for helping us create this fantastic series.

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