Stand-Out Table Settings

Stand-out place settings are a simple idea for any party or event. A table layout makes a casual barbeque memorable. For place settings, we don’t think about the plates only; you want to think about the entire table as well. I enjoy making place settings, and I love seeing them on shows, like the Real Housewives. Plate settings make any event more intimate and inviting for all the guests. It also transitions the party from appetizers to the main course.

Have I convinced you yet? Here are our tips at RAOFACTOR to make a spectacular plate setting.

Also, check out our blog post for our July 4th Themed Table Setting.

There is one thing to think about and that is:


You need to think about your base. The base for your plate can be a piece of cloth, another table or a flat decorative ornament. Before you choose your base for your dish, make sure you have an idea of the theme. Are you trying to go minimalistic, rustic, or festive?

Once the base is figured out, you can buy napkins and think about your napkin holder accordingly. Your napkin ring will also play into your theme. It is the first thing that people will look for when your guests sit at the table. Your napkin can act as the holder and have a menu placed inside. Or a decorative napkin ring can seal the deal on the theme.

Finally, I would choose the plate and cutlery last. These two are flexible; typically if your base is decorative and napkin holder stands out, the main plate can have a white base with a simple border. Or if you want to go for a festive theme, a pop of color with your plate is excellent too!

Once you have an idea of your table setting, you can build the rest of the table around it. Check out our post on Floral Runners, which gives examples of how much you want to stand out. Your table setting can be made up of candles of varying heights, a table runner, small vases or terrariums or it can be a floral runner. It is up to you and your theme.

Let me know what your ideas are! I would love to see pictures!

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