The Functional Aspect of Food Buffet Display

In this blog, we will talk about how to create a functional, yet decor friendly food display for any event. You can make this at home or enlarge this for a huge event. Food is the main attraction at all events. Typically, guests like to talk about the food after any event. As a child, my parents would talk about the good and bad of every food item at any party. While food may not be a huge priority for every person, creating a food display lovingly makes any entree more appealing.

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Let’s first go into the functional planning of a food display:

Keep the drinks separate from the buffet line.

When the drinks and food are in proximity to each other, it causes a back up at the buffet line. My husband and I experienced this recently where the drink table and start of the buffet line collided.

Separate the plates and cutlery.

I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS forget my cutlery. I am notorious for cutting the line to grab a fork or spoon. Also, if you keep the cutlery at the end, people will grab what they need. Again, I am a huge foodie, so I am excited to eat that I forget to grab any fork or spoon.

Have multiple stacks of napkins, plates, and spoons.

There is a massive wave of people coming all at once. If any item runs out, it takes time for it to get replaced.

Switch up the order.

Most people tend to skip salads in the beginning in anticipation to save room for the main plate. To get people to eat their veggies intersperse the healthier items amongst the main entrees.

Make multiple booths.

Another way to separate the crowds is to create multiple booths. Have drinks at one end, appetizers or salads at another, and entrees at another table, which makes a flow in the event.

Make sure food is easy to grab.

Toothpicks, mini veggie cups, tongs are your friends for an appetizer.

I learned a few things about this as well. I will make sure my food buffet display is not cramped up in a corner and try to create multiple booths to help create flow at your event.

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