How to Create a Lit Dance Floor with Essential Karma

I sat down with Therese Cole Hubbs from Electric-Karma International. For those of you who don’t know, Electric-Karma is a full service wedding production company based out of Texas. The company expands across the nation fusing South Asian and western traditions to create an experience that appeals to all generations.

Priya: What is the best way to get the party started?

Therese: The best way to get guests onto the dance floor is to start the music after speeches or after dinner. Start with group photos on the dance floor and have the DJ start playing music. Make sure your music is generation appropriate for the guests. If your guests are younger, play current music trends. Remember, the dance floor is for your guests.

To keep the dance floor going and alive, add new elements throughout the night. Glow sticks are great additional decorative pieces for pictures and create a playful fun environment. Also, LED lights around the walls that change with the music beatkeeps the party going all night long.

Priya: I love glow sticks and LED lights. Before a client signs a venue, what should a client look out for specifically the reception?

Therese: If you are looking for a room specifically for the reception, look at the height of the ceilings and see if there are lighting adjustments. If it is too bright, it can disrupt the ambiance of the reception. Check the walls as well. Is the wall broken up with a lot of doors or is there too much dark wood? Finally, evaluate the condition of the chairs. If the chairs are not in great condition, you must factor in the cost of chair covers or bringing in additional chairs. Also, look at the carpet. Although, carpet is typically covered up by tables, chairs and the dance floor; it is something that should not be overlooked.

Priya: What are some easy ways to get all guests to come up to the dance floor?

Therese: There are two simple ways to get guests to dance. One is to take a group photo. The second way is to put on a familiar song so the aunts and uncles feel invited to dance as well.

Priya: Those are great suggestions. Finally, what are three recommendations to make a successful South Asian wedding?


  1. Design and create your dance floor. The dance floor is your centerpiece for the reception. It shows up in many pictures, so make it stand out the way you want to. Think about the edging, the thickness, and if you want LEDs or starlight dance floor.

  2. Allocate your money wisely by thinking about your pictures. Will the decorative piece behind a chair or a beautiful bridal gate show up more in a picture? This will help you decide where to allocate your money.

  3. When you are planning a wedding, think about what is the most important to you? Is it impressing your guests? Is it having great music? Is it eating amazing food? If music is important, hire a great DJ. If it is the food, book an amazing caterer. This solves many confusing questions that couples have when planning a wedding.

Priya: Thank you so much! I learned so much from your talk!

Therese: You’re welcome! I hope we can do this again soon!

We hope you enjoy this interview with Therese from Electric-Karma International. Let us know what you think!

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