Essentials for a Sweetheart Table

Your sweetheart table can be as glammed up or personalized as you want it to be. If you and your husband have a common interest, you can center your whole reception and sweetheart table around that theme.

In some cases, sweetheart tables are not mandatory. In South Asian weddings, the couples tend to walk around after the speeches, so they may not need a designated table. Instead, you can use an ottoman or an elegant couch to replace the “traditional” sweetheart table. It is a bright distinction between the couple and the guests. The sweetheart table is a unique, intimate place to celebrate the couple amongst a crowd. It is a focal point for your maid of honor and best man to give speeches as well.

Your sweetheart table can be a dramatic floral runner or rustic look of greenery. Whatever you decide, have fun with it! The sweetheart table is your special place amongst the crowd. Make it to your personalized style the way you love it.

Don’t forget to order special champagne glasses, silverware for your table. It is a sweet memory to have once your wedding celebrations are complete.

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