Behind the Scenes: Nikita and Rohit

Venue: Bridal Oaks Cypress, Texas

Decor: RAOFACTOR Design House

We loved the couple we set up for this past weekend. It was a day rental venue, which was a new challenge for our company to take on.

The entire wedding process required a lot of education for the couple. For a day rental venue, there is typically one venue space, which means the flips are quick. For South Asian weddings where things tend to run late and get a little messy (I mean all the rice, flowers :) ), it is was a time crunch to clean up the venue and change the venue from day to night theme.

If you are looking for a similar venue. There are a couple things you need to know.


1) Your vendors must be on the same page. They need to know the timeline and understand the strict start and end times. We don't want the venue to charge you more because your vendors were not able to clean up on time! We were able to be ahead of schedule by an hour for this wedding!

2) Labor cost will increase. Because the flip times are shorter, your vendors will need more labor to help make the flips happen quickly and efficiently.

3) Understand that a quick flip means that the decor elements will be similar to the morning. The way we created a reception look was adding more pieces and rearranged the stand-out pieces to great an evening feel.

Day rentals are perfectly acceptable places to host weddings, especially South Asian ones. Two things are key to make a day rental wedding successful 1) coordination and 2) communication.

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