How to Choose the Right South Asian Wedding Attire

Choosing the right wedding outfits for your wedding day can be very tricky. South Asian trends change on a yearly basis. Four years ago, bold colors with the intricate design was a trend in my wedding. Recently this past year, ball gowns with pastel colors are now the trend. I decided to put together the top 4 resources to find out the latest trends in South Asian fashion. Let me know if you have any favorite Youtube followers! These are our favorites!


Her Youtube channel discusses not only hot trends but also smart ways to change up your Desi outfits.

Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewelers

This website has trends for all South Asian brides for all regions. It is a little jewelry heavy, but it gives you the essentials and breakdowns you need for a real bride.

Perky Megs

She is super fun and relatable. I have been following her content for many years. She gives practical and comfortable Indian wear advice for anyone who needs help for a South Asian wedding.


Although I have never purchased from their website, they keep the latest fashion trends for any occasion from Eid, Diwali, and current wedding seasons.

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