Vendors or Venues: Which Should I Choose First?

Congratulations on getting engaged! I am sure you have gotten the phone calls and texts congratulating you and your fiance. Now the next question is: when is the wedding?

When it comes to wedding planning, the concept is daunting. First of all, you know it will be about a year away. But then there is input from family members and friends talking about their experiences and what you should and shouldn't do!

Today, I wanted to highlight the first three steps you should take after you are engaged. As these are the three, that will keep you calm for the rest of the events.

1) Finalize the wedding date.

For South Asians weddings, a lot can go on for a wedding date. The parents have to choose an auspicious date that not only goes along with everyone's schedule but also the priest's as well.

For the wedding date, think about the weather you want to get married in. Do you want a summer wedding? Do you want it around the holidays, so all family members can attend? Is it an outdoor or indoor wedding?

(If an outdoor wedding is important to you, then make sure it is a time where the weather is not too hot or budget for a tent instead.)

Now comes the debate, venue or vendor.

Unlike traditional thought process, we believe it is more important to choose a wedding planner and other important vendors first.

2) Vendor- why choose a vendor first?

Think about what you want to achieve from your wedding. Do you want a wedding that is known for amazing music? Or do you want you to want great food? Do you want a jaw-dropping venue resembling a "Vogue" type wedding?

Choose those vendors first. If you want amazing music, book your DJ. If you want great food, book the caterer. Etc.

Along with your favorite vendor, also hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner will help you stick with your budget and allow you to decide on knowledgeable decisions about your wedding.

3) The last step in the beginning process is the venue.

Again, there is a lot of thought goes into choosing the right venue. If you don't want to hire a wedding planner first, choose a venue that is commonly used for South Asian weddings. South Asian weddings consist of many different events within each day. You want to make sure your venue can flip rooms and accommodate all the religious times and events accordingly.

Check out our blog post: How to Get a Lit Dance with Electric-Karma to see what you need to look for in a venue.

I hope this sets you up on your next steps to decide your wedding process. If you enjoy our posts, please fill out this survey. It means a lot, so we can provide you with the best content.

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