Create an Authentic Photoshoot with David Loi Studios

David Loi Studios is a group of energetic and creative photographers based in Dallas Ft-Worth that loves taking wedding day photos that are both creative and story-telling. With weddings that have taken DLS around the United States and locations that include Thailand, Scotland, Virgin Islands and more...we have been entrusted by grooms and brides to catch moments that do not last twice. With fleeting moments that happen with a blink of an eye, we visualize, we act, and we create...we see the shot before it happens...we capture emotion and movement in a frame of stillness...

I had the pleasure of chatting with David Loi from David Loi Studios. David not only captures the most incredible photos, but he is all about creating authentic content that represents his clients. David and his team have traveled all around the world creating unique and unforgettable photos along the way. You don't want to miss out on this interview. Check it out below.

Priya: Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into photography?

David: I've been a photographer for the last 10 years. The past 4 years have been dedicated to the wedding and family industry. I love this part of the industry because I am most attracted to stories - stories of how people meet, how they go through their lives, what they are passionate about, and how they eventually find love in each other. The best part is that I get to tell a story through my photography.

Priya: How can a couple personalize a photoshoot? (Clothing, props, location?)

David: It goes back to storytelling. Ideally, the location or moment in time is the most customized way for a photo shoot. Their first date, the first time they kissed or where the proposal occurred are great examples. Hobbies are always fun to capture as well; like going to their favorite restaurant, eating their favorite food or like parasailing. The goal of the photo shoot is for the couple to look back at their sessions and say "Oh Wow...that is totally US!!"

Priya: Where and when are the best locations for a photoshoot?

David: The best location spots are the ones most meaningful to my couples...I've shot inside bars, bowling alleys, speak easy's, on top of mountains, in the ocean, in a name it! As far as time, I think the evening going into the night is best. Night time photography is a challenge but can be really fun.

Priya: Sometimes taking photos can be awkward. What are some tips to feel more relaxed?​

David: Did you know that I'm a part-time comedian as well? :P I found that having fun (and sometimes...making fun of myself!) will help the couples relax. Other times, I ask them to talk to each other and think of the photographer as a 3rd wheel on a date. Sometimes, asking questions and engaging in conversation with my clients helps to forget about the camera.

Priya: For clothing, is there a color scheme that stands out more than others? Do you recommend a color scheme?

David: For clothing, I prefer clothes that are fitted well and the couple feels confident. As for colors, it depends on the couple's style. If vibrant and colorful is their style, go for it! Personally, I prefer the subdued earth tones, so it is not a distraction from the couple's emotions. I often suggest a second outfit as more casual, the second more formal. Variety is vital as well.

Priya: Anything else that you recommend for a photoshoot?

David: HAVE FUN! I know it sounds cliche...but a pre-wedding/post-wedding photoshoot should be FUN! It is essential to connect with your photographer and get to know the photographer well. It is why I call myself a "part-time comedian." My clients are relaxed and don't feel thoroughly exhausted at the end of a photo shoot.

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