Planning a Destination Wedding: Bride's Perspective

This week I sat down with one of our brides. Monisha decided to have a destination wedding, and I know this is a hot topic for many couples. I hope you guys enjoy. Comment below if you have any other further questions!

Priya: What is the most challenging part of planning a destination wedding?

Monisha: There is an overwhelming amount of information online. Almost TOO much information. You can definitely get lost in a Google blackhole. Specifically looking for the best location for a South Asian wedding, which holds 500 guests. Also, consider the weather and the best time for a wedding. We did a ton of research on our own then chose a travel agent, Shaadi Destinations, that specialized only on South Asian destination weddings to help us evaluate further and finalize! We ended up selecting the Hard Rock Riviera Maya.

Priya: What resources help make wedding planning easier?

Monisha: I think the main thing was making sure all the vendors we were talking with had experience working destination weddings. It's a beast, and there are so many rules that are different than in the US.

RAOFACTOR was an easy and obvious choice as they had already done many weddings in Cancun/Riveria Maya, and had built relationships with the preferred decor vendors.

Shaun walked us through what we were & weren't allowed to do, and what the best course of action would be in selecting our decor. He really made us feel comfortable in our decision!

Priya: Did you hire a wedding planner? If so, was it through the venue or a company outside of the venue?

Monisha: We absolutely did. When we started this process, we used Shaadi Destinations as a travel agent to help us negotiate with various resorts and secure room rates. They also helped us with all aspects of the contract, as well as secure group rates for airfare. They did a phenomenal job and took so much of the stress off our plate.

Once we were finished with the logistical part of our process, we hired them for their planning services as well. They are not affiliated with the Hard Rock Riveria Maya, but they specialize in the Cancun area, so they knew our vendors very well.

Priya: Why did you choose a destination wedding?

Monisha: For a few different reasons! I think the main reason was knowing that we will have all our friends and family together for 3 days at the same resort. We know people will be coming from all over the nation (and world!). We wanted to optimize the amount of time we get to spend with our loved ones. We are also hoping that everyone treats this weekend as a vacation as well, outside of wedding events!

Priya: How did you choose your location for your wedding?

Monisha: Capacity was a big factor. There are a ton of destination wedding venues, but we needed one that could hold 300+ guests. Plus, the turquoise water was a must for us!

Priya: Anything else you would like to let future brides know about destination wedding planning?

Monisha: Use your resources! Do your homework initially, then use industry experts to help you narrow down and finalize the details. Vendors like RAOFACTOR are a tremendous help from the beginning to ensure you are making the right decision..

I hope that helps! Let us know if you have more questions. I am happy to get you those answers.

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